Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Caged Bird...

When she entered the room, everyone noticed. Her aura filled everyone with joy and excitement. Kindness poured from her fingertips & her smile was gracefully given to all without limit. In her hair she wore beads of many colors...carefully chosen by hand and woven in with love. Breezy skirts seemed to dance against her body when she walked with confidence. Wherever she was, laughter was nearby.

Until last week. Last week she spoke of her new "love". Excitement filled her voice for a day or so. Then she began to change...quickly. As her aura darkened, the laughter faded. After only a few days, she stopped her kind gestures. The beads came out and her hair became neat but unoriginal. The skirts that once flowed around her spirit disappeared and were replaced with sensible slacks. Her smile was gone.

Now she sat in the far corner, studying a Bible with deep solemnity. Almost rude remarks were all we heard from her. Concerned friends flocked to her side to check on her but she pushed them away with irritated looks and cold replies.

I offered her my ear, my shoulder, whatever she needed but she denied anything was wrong. Subtly, I hinted at a change in her disposition. Her responses were that she was trying to get closer to God. Closer to God? Does she not see that she was already close to God? She spoke of God often and seemed to really live his love, his compassion, his energy.

Why then is this once-free bird now caged? It seems the closer she thinks she is trying to get to
God, the further away from God's love she gets. Who holds the key to her shackles? And why does organized and especially evangelical religion so often blind us and force us to seek that which we should be avoiding in to begin with? Is someone forcing her into this plastic mold of forced uniform religion? How can I free this bird?

***photograph by Jesse Chan-Norris @

Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Wisdom begins in wonder."

A very true statement. It's when we stop wondering and start ignoring our curiosities that we age. It's when we settle for the dull and mundane that we become tired. It's when we forget to appreciate and enjoy those little things in life that we truly stop living. So learn, live, play, and'll be glad you did.
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