Thursday, February 09, 2006

Life...the Journey or the Destination?

Some say life is all about the destination. Others say it is the journey that counts.

After a variety of experiences in my 28 years, I would have to say that it is a combination of both, a balance of the two.

I would love to say that life is the journey alone. We experience so much and all of it has some sort of value. We make memories, build character or become more "well-rounded" through the good or the bad.

The destination is important because it is what you do along the journey, what you learn, what you try and fail that gets you to that end. Then what? The afterlife, in one way or another, is commonly believed to be a result of what deeds are done during one's's journey.

What do you think? Do you think it is the destination, the journey or a little bit of both that are important?


Anonymous bsandey said...

I believe it is more about the journey. What you do along the way is what defines you as a person. I have made regrets in the past, but do not regret anything I have done. If I did go back and change anything I've done, I would not be the same person today as I am now.

The destination (ie: the afterlife) is very important, but not something to define your life by. Going to Heaven is not based on what you did during your life (the journey), but is based on your love of God.

Blogger Pham said...

Life is a journey or a destination? Your question is a great philosophical subject and it is as same as the quetion: Do we have free will or not? the subsequent sentences are: If we have free will, our lifes were the journeys. If we don't have free will our lifes were destinations?
Almost all of us believe strongly that WE HAVE FREE WILL, because "I'm me, an independent being, so I'v right to decide my own actions, my own life, and this value my existence". Social legacy and religious education have always remind us that we must responsible for each of my actions. All these facts are too enouf to justify the viewpoint that "man has free will" and it means our "lifes are the journeys".
But the truth of the mass or the majority is often not the TRULY Truth or the ABSOLUTE Truth. If you are a Catholic, have you ever heard : each hair falls by God's will. Does it mean each of our actions is by God's will? and if you are Karma believer, what is Karma? Can you free of your Karma. If you've ever read Schopenhauer, you saw that this man was so humorous when he said that: Being thrown in the air, if a stone know how to speak, it would say that it is flying "freely" in the air by its free will. You see your subject was evidently a KOAN ( Zen word).
Crystal, your resolution: fifty-fifty may be a good solution. To me,I have my own answer, would you like to know it? Pay for me just one cup of coffee!!!

Blogger Pham said...

Crystal ( Tranquill warrior ) I'm Pham on YH360. I had also a blog on blogspot, it is in Vietnamese, I didn't write on it for a long time, because my Intrenet Service Provider don't let me log in it freely. So I just use blogspot account infrequently to post comment on your blog.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you so much for your input on this, bsandey. I really appreciate your point of view! It definitely provoked my thoughts!

Hope to hear your thoughts again in the future!

And, You have such a wonderful mind. You can really elaborate on a thought & make me think harder on a subject. Thanks so much for always being there & giving your input. It is always valued.

Have a blessed weekend!


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