Thursday, January 12, 2006

Seeing him cry was a lot harder than I had remembered. It didn't happen often and I wish it would never happen again.

I have been with him for about 13 years, about 9 1/2 of which, we have been married. I have grown to love him more than I thought would ever be possible. In that time, my love has changed and evolved to the point past the usefulness of words.

It was the funeral of one of two father figures in his youth. His biological father is only a distant memory, his stepfather a horrible and tormenting memory. Both had failed him terribly, but this man, just a father of two of his best friends, took him under his wing.

His name was Terry Warlick and he meant a lot to my love. On a day after school when he was just trying to avoid the persecution he would surely face at home, this man sat and
listened, offering seasoned advice.

It was with this man's sons he learned to play football, took his first fall from a skateboard & got harassed for kissing his first girlfriend. Through thick & thin, no matter how bad things at home were, this man was always ready to take him in.

That's why it was such a shock when we found out the news. Terry Warlick had gone to his bedroom Saturday afternoon to take a nap. He had said he was feeling fine, just a little tired. A couple hours later, his son had come to visit. Knowing his father to be a light sleeper, he was surprised he didn't hear him knock. He found his father, unexpectedly dead at the age of 54.

I have cried my eyes out for this man and his family...a man who, regardless of blood, took my one true love in and comforted him, laughed with him, helped him through so much. That is a real man.

So, to Terry tonight, I send my ultimate final respects. I will do my best to look after your loved ones. I will check on them from time to be sure they are moving on with life. And, I would also like to thank you so much for helping to mold my wonderful husband into the passionate, loving, caring, and helpful person that he is today.

Thank you also for reminding all of us just how short life can be and how, that within the next brief hour, it could all be pulled away without we must make each and every day count, because it could all be gone tomorrow.

May you rest in peace always, Terry. Farewell.


Blogger Gypsy said...

May he be in peace, and please hug your love and give him my best sis you are both in my thoughts.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you so much for your comforting words. I love you!

Anonymous Justin said...

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