Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Long Walk Home...

Late one cold winter night a sad and lonely lady walked aimlessly down the street. Her hair was wild and knotted and her clothing showed signs of disrepair. She mumbled under her breath in ways that would make a passer-by laugh and peered around her locks at invisible monsters that existed only in her head.

But a charming young man, stylishly dressed, though not without pain himself, walked up upon the lady. He noticed her terrible condition and because of his good nature, felt pity on her soul. Knowing he could not simply pass her by without rendering her some sort of emotional comfort, he took her arm gently. It was like electricity shot through her blood when she felt his hand clasp around her arm...fulfilling a need she had not felt in a very long time. His friendship was a warm blanket, covering her shoulders from the drafty northern winds which, when they came, showed little mercy on her.

Knowing she was in an irregular state, the good man offered to walk with the lady to her home. He could smell the scent of liquor on her breath, and could see the despair in her once-bright eyes.

On the way, they talked about everything under the stars. The lady laughed. He laughed too. He listened to her, with slurred words, explain her problems and heartache. Without any concern about his own pain, he trudged on, though mudpuddles and snowpiles. No matter how bad it got, he was there for her to help her though. He listened to her like no one else had in a long time.

Almost halfway along the journey, the lady, face sunken in with despair realized what pain and inconvenience she must surely be causing the man. In a moment of doubt and conscience, she stopped, hand in hand with him, looked him in the eye and waited. She waited for the words to tell him how much she enjoyed his company and how nice of a man he was. The words didn't come out. Then she tried to tell him he did not have to help her the rest of the way home if it was bothering him, but those couldn't come out either. She was so lonely, so misdirected, so lost, that she clung to greed, and chose not to offer to set him free. She had already come to love the man for his warm friendship, compassion and company.

So they walked and walked,joked, and laughed, without a single complaint from the man. And the lady just waited for the moment when he would take his leave of her and be on his way. She prayed it would never come. And it never did.

When she was safely at her front doorstep, she thanked the man for his kindness in escorting her to safety, but she never felt she thanked him enough. She had never had anyone show such a genuine concern for her well-being. He went on his way home and the lady watched as he walked away and the void felt suddenly larger again.

But the man, like a true friend, often stopped by to visit with the lady, to see how she was, if even just to lend a shoulder. And although the visits got further and further apart, the lady knew inside that it was not they that were growing apart but that they were both growing stronger and wiser. She would still get sad and lonely from time to time, but it helped her to remember that walk, that one cold winter night.

Many years have passed and both the man and the woman have grown very old. But, no matter how busy he may be, the man still stops by from time to time & it warms her heart to see him smile. She realizes even more now, while the fire flickers in the hearth, what a truly rare gift a true friend is and what a fool she was not to have treasured the friendship more when it was right in front of her. She only hopes the man knows how much he means to her. Maybe someday he will.


Blogger Gypsy said...

thank you :)
is nice to remeber what a simple act of kindess can do and what the late budding of it can become

Blogger Colleen said...

That was so beautiful. :) True friends are indeed so hard to find.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed it!

Blogger Ang said...

good writing, as usual :)
btw - thanks for stopping by my blog again :)

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thanks, Ang. I appreciate it. And, yes, I am just now getting back in the swing of things so I will be back by your blog soon. Thanks again for stopping in! :)

Anonymous Emil said...

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