Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Human Arrogance...

So there I was, sitting patiently in my college Algebra class, contemplating "fascinating" equations. (Ok, so I don't find algebra fascinating, unfortunately, though I am making an honest effort in finding enjoyment in it. Just give me time; I am working on it.)

Anyway, the professor got off the subject & mentioned an article about how more than 60 frog species have become extinct & scientists believe it is due to global warming. Naturally, the class "awed" and "oohed" and shook their heads, saying things like "what a shame" and "that's too bad". I did the same, but then I spoke up and stated "If we're not careful, we will be extinct before long too."

Much to my shock, almost the entire class turned around and with widely glazed eyes locked on me in disbelief. No one said a word and it was extremely awkward. It was as if they could not believe I had the audacity to say something negative about the human species. It was as if we were invincible and could not be harmed...Protected by some unseen force.

The silence became too much for me so I laughed and followed up with "Yes, we are animals is possible." Once again, complete silence and mindless glares. Was I in the twilight zone?

A few seconds later, with no further argument, my fellow students turned around and the professor continued her lecture (about algebra now), avoiding that sticky conversation altogether. She wasn't going to bail me out of that one.

For the rest of the class, I have to admit that Algebra vanished from my mind and I was lost in deep contemplation. Could we humans be so arrogant and prideful as to think we are above nature? Do we think that because, according to Judeo-Christian doctrine or by evolution/survival of the fittest (whichever you happen to believe), that we are some kind of super-beings that cannot be destroyed? Did we take the "dominion" rite listed in the Bible a little out of context? Dominion, by definition means control or ownership of property but that does not mean abuse of it. We were given Dominion (if you subscribe to Judeo-Christian beliefs) over the other animals of the planet, which does suggest responsibility within that right. When you have control of a piece of property, I think it is understood that you should take care of it...treasure it, and try to keep it from harm.

I know we have made it a long time on this planet & we have accomplished some amazing things, (thanks to reason and the opposable thumb), but that does not make us invincible. I am afraid that will be painfully demonstrated to us in a final lesson before too long although I hope I am wrong. If we don't take care of the earth and all of our fellow creatures, they will stop taking care of us before too long. I hope I am wrong.


Blogger Gypsy said...

hmmm have to wonder, we seem to be our on top predator, we like to think we are our own gods,. eh mabye our evlotuion is to go excint? *hugs* goona go ponder it and force the topic on my elder co workers tomorrow :)

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

hmmm... very interesting, Gypsy..thanks for your input! ;)

Blogger Ang said...

As a Christian, I've always believed (and been taught) that we are merely caretakes of the earth. We have a responsibility to it, not to decimate it and believe we can do what we like to it, and that this abuse of the planet will never come back to bite us. We've already stuffed up the planet enough, and we are already seeing things like the overconsumption of petrolium oil, the hole in the ozone layer, and the excinction of many of the other inhabitants we share this earth with, the effects of deforestation on the earth's atmosphere and climate....

Sorry. That was getting a little long. Great post!

Anonymous Uriah said...

A famous scientist, Carl Sagan, came up with this absolutely fascinating hypothetical mathematical calculation that suggested that if one looks at the history of warlike behavior in humans, combined with all the nuclear weapons we as a species now posses(enough to kill everyone on earth), then there's a 90% probability that humans could be all but extinct in as little as 100 years! That's scary as hell, but if you think about it, it's not that far fetched. All you really need is one nation to launch one nuclear bomb. That will start the ball rolling and the rest as they say, is history....


Anonymous GC Rita said...

Sending support! I have often found myself in the same situation and gotten the same looks: ) Be well friend and now that taking a deeper look at things can only benefit you and those around you.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you all so much for your insight & your comments on this topic. I really do enjoy reading what everyone else has to say. Thank you so much!

Blogger BlueMoon said...

People never like to actually contemplate how they may end or that the lack of conciousness about the environment around them may be the ultimate undoing. It'd be wonderful if people could understand that we are simply another cog in mother nature's wheel and if we keep killing things off and poisoning our habitat, something will give and it won't be pretty.

Sorry the kids in class were acting like doofus' but they probably weren't prepared to actually have anyone with an opinion open up nor does anyone (with you as a lovely exception) in their 20's tend to think about the reality of life and how things interconnect.

*HUGS to the brave and smart CWAG*



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