Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dodging Personal Responsibility

I know I haven't been on this planet for too terribly long but I have been here 28 years and over that time, I have noticed something. It seems that, more and more, we are unable to accept responsibility for our own actions. I know this has always been a problem within human nature but doesn't it seem to be getting worse lately? If something bad happens to someone we love or even ourselves, we look, first and foremost, for someone or something to blame. Sometimes, there is no one to blame or maybe the finger is pointing right back at us but we can't see it.

Some examples of actual events just in my area are:

Example 1: An 18 year-old male steals a car, drives it wrecklessly through the city, narrowly avoiding major accidents. He is chased by the police for miles. The police are obviously trying to pull him over and after he almost kills someone innocent by ramming into their home, the police shoot at the man's tires. This causes the man to lose control of the car & hit an obstacle himself, killing him immediately. It is unfortunate that he was killed, yes, but he almost killed many innocent people in the process and the police were trying to prevent that from happening. He got killed in the meantime. The parents of this 18 year old are suing because they say the police used unnecessary force & killed their son without need. Yes, it is sad, and I feel for the family, but they need to realize this man was an adult (barely) but an adult who committed grand theft auto and was endangering many lives. Therefore, I am disgusted at the fact they are trying to sue.

Example 2: An elderly woman crosses the street. A police officer, driving the speed limit swerves to try to miss her but hits her & kills her instantly. This is, of course, very unfortunate. However, after a very thorough investigation, including witness interviews, it is determined without a doubt that the woman stepped out in traffic without looking and not within a crosswalk. The witnesses also say the officer saw her almost immediately and took every precaution possible to avoid hitting her but was unable to prevent it. The investigation concluded that it was pedestrian error that caused this death. However, the family, once again, even after the investigation, plans to sue because they feel it was the officer's fault.

These are just two examples but I could really go on and on. This happens constantly in politics, especially. It also happens in the private sector and in the medical field. The list could go on and on. Things like this happen daily and I find it very frustrating.

People have become much more greedy and don't even attempt to think of the other side of the story. Not only that but bad things happen to good people. We should have learned this by now. People are imperfect and make mistakes and there are consequences associated with those mistakes. Sometimes bad things happen that can't be prevented at all. When are we going to stop whining about whose fault everything is and just stand up and take responsibility for our own actions and then try to fix them?


Anonymous Pham said...

Law, Ethic, Traditionnal Custom... all are conventional, they are not Truth itself. A hero should solve a situation by using his own judge, of course he must have responsible for his own action.
Don't believe in the view or the decision of the majorities, they do never represenent for the truth.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you, Pham, for that nice thought & knowledge. I appreciate your commenting & giving me feedback. I get so frustrated from time to time with the way society works.

Blogger Ang said...

You should check out the "stella awards" given to people who sue (and win) over very stupid things.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Wow, I should, Ang. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Anonymous Leonard said...

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