Saturday, January 07, 2006

Addictive Plasticity

Not being in an overly social mood this evening, my husband and I were watching some television...(Yes, I know it is Saturday night & we should be out and about but we didn't feel like it.) There it was...some show about plastic surgeons.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, I realize that, in some cases plastic surgery is really a pretty necessary procedure. There are horrible car accidents, housefires, birth defects and such that scar people and make their lives very difficult. Plastic surgery often offers a reasonable option to help them lead a more "normal" life.

However, tonight, I watched as a 17-year-old girl, accompanied by her MOTHER, got breast implants. There was nothing wrong with her breasts. They were young, modest and petite, just like her body frame; about an A-cup (on a ninety-something pound girl).

But there she was, telling her surgeon about how the new breasts (and it was a C cup she was requesting), would make her look "cuter when (she) went out" and how she knew "it would make (her) happy". It broke my heart to hear these words and see her innocent face, but what really made me upset was watching her mother and her casual attitude. This was a mother trying more to be a buddy than a mom. Unacceptable.

Now, this poor girl has gone and altered her body (which I think looked much better before than after.) Nothing was discussed on this show about the possibilities of complications or back problems in the future. No risks were presented on the show at all. I am sure that they were discussed off camera but what about all the young, insecure, misguided girls out there that think this is a good alternative?

I don't really know where I am going with this other than that I am just utterly disgusted with our ridiculous standards, especially here in the United States. It's almost like since we have such an obesity epidemic (how embarrassing) that we have actually backlashed against it with extremes in the opposite direction.

At one time, lush, voluptuous (but not unhealthy or obese) women were ideal. Now, we see them as undeserving of happiness. Will we ever get to a happy medium and start seeing health as our first priority, instead of false and unrealistic expectations? I certainly hope so.


Blogger Colleen said...

AWwww :( That is sad. Seventeen is way too young to be getting breast augmentation. I blame the media, especially women's magazines, for perpetuating this ridiculous bulimic idea of beauty.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

I completely agree...the media is definitely to blame...good point. Don't know why I left that one out.. I guess I was just so frustrated at her mother for allowing it..

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Blogger Peaceful Warrior said...

Alas our paths meet again. It looks like we both took some time off due to the challenges of life around the holidays.

As for the breast augmentation, leave the media out of it. They simply follow the retched smell of popular culture and the machine known as 'supply and demand'.

My vote for worst influence goes to the parents. They failed in confirming this girls beauty. Probably because the mother never got her own confirmation.

The sins of the father(or mother) are indeed passed to the son(daughter).


Blogger Gypsy said...

is sad to see our future our youth so removed from idenity and diety and the indeed of self love and repsect and i agree the parents should be better but then again who are they..... bah cant help but think that money could gone to something better like her picutre on a milk catroon after she goes missin from a college party in afew weeks cos of her new look and her attuide.... bah

Blogger shutup said...

Crystal, I totally agree with you. As you know, I recently had plastic surgery. I know you know why I did it, so don't worry. :) I too have seen Dr. 90210 and watched as they gave these very young, nieve girls "new boobs" and more. I have 3 daughters and I find that even I say things like "I'm so fat!" and I hate that I say that! I also tell my daughters that it is unhealthy, this image of stick figure models and "barbie like" figures portrayed on T.V.. That's why I think it's so great that they are into motocross and skating, because there is no pressure to be thin in such sports. I remember being 11 years old and in gymnastics, when my coach told me I needed to lose weight. I was about 4 feet tall and weighed about 65 pounds, not to mention very muscular(at the time)! I believe that women and girls should be healthy, by exercising and by developing good eating habits, but at a size 8, I shouldn't be telling my daughters I'm fat, when what I really mean is, I wish I were tone, like when I was 18... :) Now, I try and say just that, "I wish I'd get my behind in the gym and tone up!" Maybe, one day our society will return to the days where women with figures were considered sexy by the majority, rather than the minority of society.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Peaceful Warrior: Thinking it through, yes, I have to agree with you on the media thing. They are truly just following demand, but at the same time, I feel it is also partly their glorification of certain images that doesn't really help. By the way, nice to see you back too! :)

Gypsy: sounds like you're a little disgruntled with it

Shutup: I totally understand why you had your surgery (although I still don't think you looked bad enough for it, but you are also a grown woman and you had a good reason.) I think as long as you keep doing what you are doing with the girls and explain things the way you do (and you do a great job of it), then they will have no problems. I don't really forsee them having any problems with it all anyway as they all seem to be secure enough in themselves (due partly to the positive environment of their parents) to be self-confident.

Thank you all for the comments!!!

Anonymous Talal Ala-Eddine said...

That is soooooo sad; we don’t want to take about who should be blamed for the poor girl. Her self; she still young she is not even 18 years old, the mother; what we can do about her if she is ignorant, media; they do not care about the truth, they are one of the tools Marketers (Black Magic people) uses it to create a need just for there own benefits (I am a Marketing Manager and I know about it).
What happened with this girl made me feel bad especially; when I came to know the followings:

Breast Augmentation Risks:

All surgical procedures carry a risk of infection, bleeding, or reaction to anesthesia. Specific breast augmentation risks can include:
- Obvious scars
- Capsular contracture
- Implant rupture or deflation
- Asymmetry of breasts or nipples
- Permanent loss of breast and/or nipple sensation.

Breast Augmentation Side Effects:
Breast augmentation side effects can include temporary discomfort, bruising, soreness, swelling, and/or skin wrinkling; temporary change in nipple sensation and altered mammography; temporarily excessive breast sensitivity.
Dose that girl understand the above? I really do not think so.
Having a normal body is a gift, everyone should keep protecting it.
Best Regards
Talal Ala-Eddine

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you so much for all that information and for stopping by, Talal! It really is informative! I am glad you have come across you online!

Blogger Beth said...

chick with a gun: that is sad. i've seen some of those shows that deal with aging women getting facelifts. when i see the male doctors treating a woman's aging face as if it some kind of pathology, it gets me really mad. some doctors can barely hide their distaste. quite misogynistic, if you ask me. and i don't use that word lightly.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thanks for stopping in Kimberly. Yes, women aging are often treated differently than men that are aging. It doesn't seem fair does it? LOL

Anonymous Grant said...

An interesting and sad tale.

I think we all wonder how this could be allowed to happen. And, therefore, we ask, "Who's to blame?"

Without judging people, we can judge actions. I feel the mother's actions (I assume the absence of a living father here,) in this case, are the most reprehensible. She is the one who can and should have the largest impact on her daughter. Further, being that her daughter is a minor, the mother should have had the sense to simply forbid the surgery.

Of course, this alone would not stop her daughter from getting the procedure when she comes of age. Still, even run of the mill parenting should have helped the daughter to see that her worth has nothing to do with her physical appearance.

The media, although "they simply follow the retched smell of popular culture," are not blameless. The media have influence. Those who have control in the media are accountable, at least morally, for how they direct that influence. However, once again, effective parenting can reduce the hazardous effects of the wayward media.

Regarding breast aesthetics, as a heterosexual male, I can say that size is ultimately irrelevant to desire. Larger breasts may be more noticeable and get more attention for that fact, but that doesn't mean they are more desirable.

Still, each adult is allowed to make their own decisions and must live with the consequences, either good or bad, of those decisions.

Thanks for the thought-provoking entry.

— Grant

Anonymous Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills said...

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Anonymous Derrick said...

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