Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is that a snake in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

This snake was found near the small town of Fritch, Texas (not far at all from me). It was close to 9 feet long and weighed in at 97 pounds. I shiver when I think of being bit by this thing..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dosage of comedy Trust me, it's worth it.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday Morning Perversions...

Little old ladies, believing fully in the words of this faulty man, dig deeply into their shallow purses. Sacrifices are made…instead of getting her refill of her prescription medication, she feels God will provide because she gave that up to “him” as a tithe. Others, who have nothing to give, go home, heads hanging low, hearts dulled because they feel they are cheating God. And the pastor, equipped in his suspiciously Armani “Sunday Best” slips into his $40,000 SUV and drives his family to the most expensive restaurant in town for a carefree afternoon.

I was disgusted this morning while flipping through the local television stations. It became apparent right away that it is the end of the month & quotas must be met! I am speaking, of course, of church funding quotas. It’s not tithing itself that necessarily gets me going. It’s the blatantly obvious begging of these already more-than-well-off pastors and preachers & their pathetic groveling for more money. EVERY SINGLE televised local church service gave sermons on tithing more and making more sacrifices. One southern Baptist preacher basically pleaded, throwing around statements like “Do you know how much an electric bill for a church this big is?”, instilling guilt in the hearts of the masses. Interesting, however, that just the week before the football stadium-sized “church” had purchased & installed a 40 foot electric light alongside the road. Also interesting how the pastor has been able to afford to get hair follicle transplants for his balding head. But I guess what matters is the money these days and if you aren’t giving more then you are not a Christian. And what would they do with this money? Well, they put up a sign. A sign that apparently shows their “commitment to God”. Hmmm.

So, as the homeless rate surges & people are starving on the streets just outside of the church complex, signs, expensive SUV’s, and golden candlesticks are pertinent in “doing God’s will”. So, those that can afford to give a little on their tithe, come out of church, get in their SUV’s and lock the doors before those “vagrants of society” can get them! After all, they could have a disease or want some money or food or maybe they just want to be acknowledged as human beings. We couldn’t have that now, could we? After all, the post-church “high” is such a good feeling you wouldn’t want to crash it by actually DOING something that Christ would have done, would you?

I give food to the poor, blankets, and even just a genuine human smile. But, oh…..silly me. I guess I am going to hell & I am the devil because I don’t fall for the ridiculous & pathetic antics of a “talented actor” on stage behaving more like a used car salesman than a so-called “Christian”. But, who am I kidding? I guess that no one is really interested in ACTING upon the basics of Christ’s ACTUAL teachings and actions (what Christianity is supposedly about). There’s no profit in that.
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