Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fiscal Virginity

I wouldn't normally have thought much about it except that I was already in a deep, reflective mood today. Maybe it was because of Halloween steadily approaching, but who knows. They came over to visit and plopped themselves down on the couch with raw teenage energy.

Dressed in matching blue jeans & white cotton shirts my 17 year-old twin nephews told proudly of their new jobs. They complete each others' sentences and are completely inseparable. They are identical in every way except for personality. One is jovial, easy-going and quiet...The other loud, serious, and stern but they care deeply for each other.

As I listened to them tell me of their recent accomplishment in finding these new jobs that would pay them what seems like a fortune to their uncorrupted minds, my mind wandered.

I watched them, bright eyes, eager spirits talk about their newfound "riches" and it hit me. This was a moment when they had lost their fiscal virginity. It was kind of sad to me to know that up until today, they really had not wasted any time worrying about money or how to get more of it. As long as there was food on the table, it didn't matter where the money came from because it was just always there.

It seems all we do as adult human beings is worry about money, how to get more of it and how to make ends meet. This was something they had not had to deal with until now. While they are still warm in the nest, they have now got their hands on cold, hard cash and once you feel it, and feel what it can do for you, it changes everything. All we do from that moment on is try to get more of it. Then, when they leave the nest, they will worry about paying rent, buying groceries, having fun, and keeping it all in balance while trying to find more money. The cycle just continues until they die unless, of course they are fortunate enough to win the lottery which is unlikely.

I guess I just felt sad for them....sad for innocence lost...sad that they will not understand that moment for a very long time. I guess I never really realized my moment of lost virginity to the almighty dollar until this moment today. I guess we all go through it. They will be caught up in hunting for more money until the day they all of us seem to be doing even if just to simply survive.

The hypocritical bar conversation...

So I met my brother to have a drink the other night. He called & seemed kind of down like he needed some company, so I decided to lend him my ear. He told me to meet him at this quaint & classy little bar downtown.

I arrived before him and had time to appreciate the beautifully lit aquariums outside the bar & the fountains on the wall inside of it. I sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of Reisling (my favorite white wine) and this well-dressed but suspiciously handsome man, about in his forties sat next to me and asked the bartender for a drink. Conversation commenced.

After a few obligatory weather references and current event comments, he began complaining about his "ex"-wife and how he did not ever want to marry again because of all the problems with marriage. I listened, annoyed a bit, but listened as he rambled, cursed & complained. Then, feeling the atmosphere was right to interject my opinion, I said "yes, and we don't want to let two consenting, loving adults get married because they happen to be gay. And the reason we use is "the sanctity of marriage", because straight people have that down soooo well."

Took a bit aback he shook his head while he sloshed down more redneck beer and responded, "What they are doing is wrong & they should not be allowed to do it. They are sinners." Then he took a look around the bar at all the scantily clad women and looked back at me and winked. Then he got up from his seat, leaned over and whispered in my ear that it was nice to meet me but now he had to go "get some of that" and began to trail some women that looked more like expensive hookers.

My blood boiled & I watched him as he tried to make his moves on a tall, skinny blonde. Then my brother showed up and sat down next to me. Turns out, he knew the guy that was talking to me at the bar & apparently that guy is married. The plot thickens, I thought as I devised an evil plan.

I continued while my brother & I talked casually, to watch the married man making his moves on yet another young lady. Turned down by both, I thought it was time to put my plan in action. I meandered over to him and whispered in his ear "So let me get this straight. It's wrong for two people to get married when they are in LOVE but it is perfectly ok for you to go cheating on your wife because you are straight. Sanctity of marriage my @$$!"

His jaw dropped and he wondered how I knew he was married. "My brother says hi," and I pointed in his direction. Not another word came out of that man's mouth & he ended up leavin the bar "empty handed" shortly thereafter. Mission accomplished & point least to him maybe.
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