Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Venus...

Her name was Rose & the stars lived in her eyes. Bouncy blonde corskrew curls danced around her jawline and her figure seemed to lure in more gentlemen callers than she could handle. She was a woman of the twenties, rebelling against the cold & rigid Victorian standards that kept her mother so strict. She loved life & could sometimes be seen at a local jazz club, dancing the night away. One day, while on a walk with her jazz-musician boyfriend, Rose stopped at a shop window suddenly at the sight of a beautiful sculpture. Luscious and lusty; a Venus intrigued her. She begged her boyfriend to buy it for her but he declined as it was "too racy, baby". But, in the spirit of her own rebellious nature, she reached beneath her silky skirt and pulled out a roll of bills from a lacy red garter.

Ten minutes later, stumbling as he struggled to carry the heavy Venus, the young man placed her on a pedestal at the request of the insistent Rose, who immediately clapped with delight, and smiled with anticipation of the years that she would share with the Venus. From that day forward, not a day went by when the Venus was not given at least an appreciative glance. Rose dusted her daily, and even polished her up once in awhile, but never failed to notice her.

At night, when the wind blew its threatening chill and the streets were filled with those of questionable character, Rose simply curled on the couch, turned on the radio and watched the still beauty of the Venus from across the room. The Venus was very happy and felt very loved. The years came and went and not a day was sad for the Venus because she always felt loved. Wars came and went, lovers, and eventually a husband, and later the energy of young children. The Venus watched in contenting silence. The parties with whimsical well-wishers, drunken relatives, and the grubby hands of children came and went and gave the Venus filled her days with joy for years.

But one winter, when the woman had grown old, family members gathered at her bedside to say goodbyes. The inevitable happened and the one-young and vivacious woman died. The Venus was left standing, in the same corner for weeks, untouched for the first time in over fifty years. Dust gathered, and she began to feel forgotten. With no more parties or charming people coming and going and admiring her beauty, she began to feely lonely. The Venus was sad for the first time in her life.

But there was hope one day when a spry and poignant young woman with curly blonde hair came to the house to gather Rose's possessions. She was dressed sharply in a black pin-striped suit and sensible heels. The lady was Rose's granddaughter. Her face was very serious and concerned and she constantly referred to her wristwatch as if she were in a hurry. On her way out of the house, she found the Venus, dusty and forgotten in the corner. The Venus was very excited that she may be loved once again. On the ride to the woman's house, The Venus was wrapped in blanket and placed in the trunk. "It will be worth the ride once I get there," the Venus thought. She daydreamed about the possibility of more parties at the new house where men would admire her and children would peer curiously on tipped toes. She could be happy again.

When she got to her destination, The Venus' excitement climaxed as the young woman brought her through the front door. The Venus could see the marvelous house with plenty of room for her to be displayed & for magnificent parties. However, her excitement started to wane as the young woman grumbled and moaned while she carried the Venus to an isolated back corner of the house. In a corner of a long-neglected room, the woman set the Venus, facing against the wall. The carpet was old, stained, and sticky, and the walls were smudged with fingerprints, grease and oil. At first, the Venus felt panicked that she would not be able to see anything in the room, much less the rest of the house, but she tried to keep a positive attitude. The woman left the room and the Venus knew for sure she would come back after finding the perfect spot for her. Again, the Venus began to daydream about cocktail parties, dance music, and the admiration of young men.

Every day, she listened at the sounds of life and love...Far at the other end of the house. She could hear children laughing & playing, the young woman playing with her lover and the wind blowing outside the window, but she could see none of it. She was still facing the wall. But she kept her chin up and knew that the lady would return to take her to her pedestal where she would feel loved and admired. But the seasons changed and summer turned into fall...fall into winter and into spring which eventually turned into summer once again. The world saw many things, even more war. The children's voices got louder and deeper and months turned into years. The Venus became very sad & lonely and had the wall as her only friend. Someday, she thought...Someday someone will find me and love me again...Someday I will watch the young lovers dance across the floor, listen to the music playing for all those young at heart. Someday I will feel the prying hands of young children and the breath of snooping old ladies. some day this loneliness will pass...

(This drawing is my work)


Blogger Shay said...

both the drawing and the writing

Blogger Gypsy said...

Amazing totaly and utterly . Made me my breath pause on the drawing . i have to admit i love the lushness of the body and something about the bare head held regal * bravo bravo* you are an artist indeed and well the story helllo put me to shame on my writing! you go sista!

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you both for your comments. I really enjoyed making the drawing and writing the story as well.

Blogger Ang said...

beautiful. both the drawing and the story.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you very much Ang. Nice to see you again. :)


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