Sunday, December 18, 2005

Trees in Winter...

Someone was complaining about winter-time and how the trees lose their leaves. She said it made her feel sad and dreary to look outside and see the bare and naked trees, dressed only in ice. I listened to her complain and watched her stare out the window, her chin in her hands until I could almost feel her sorrow.

I went down and sat across from her at the table, grabbed a cup and poured myself some of the coffee she had made for us. I joined her in gazing through the cold, protective glass of the window, then thought about how I could help her appreciate this season more.

"The trees are very beautiful, healthy, and lush in the spring and summer. Greens, browns, yellows, so many colors..." I started. She nodded in agreement but continued to gaze longingly for spring and summer. Feeling her thoughts floating all around me in the air, I continued "But there is something absolutely captivating about winter for me..." She was suddenly snapped out of her daydream of birds perched in fruitful trees and the threat of distant rainshowers above.

"You see, while the trees are gorgeous and new and lively in the spring, we can't ever really see the beautiful lines and shapes of their branches. When winter is here and they are all bare, the branches get a chance to show us their beauty." She looked at me as though this was a refreshing taste of positivity for her soul. Then she turned and looked again at the tree outside the window as if to look at it in a brand new way. "Don't you just love the shape of that branch right there? And just look at the contrast of the dark bark and the white ice on that one." I exclaimed in sincere appreciation.

After a moment of us sharing in the beauty of the trees, she turned to me, took a sip of her coffee, and simply smiled. I smiled back and knew I had turned her day around even if just a bit.


Blogger Ang said...

That was just great. You have such a beautiful way of writing.

Blogger Gypsy said...

*bravo, bravo indeed " my sister, you are truely a gift to us all and might i add..... yes a genuis as well
love ya

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you both so much. You both are too kind. I just felt I needed to share that experience with people.

Blogger Tone said...

I like your sketch of Venus. I pose for an artist and photographer. Did you have a model of just sketch it from a photo?


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