Friday, October 21, 2005

Nice to meet you, Grandpa...

I have never met my grandpa (maternal side). He passed away in the late sixties before I was born. All I really know about him is that he served in WWII & was a pretty good father to my mom, when she was actually able to be around him (due to a bitter divorce).

Through the years, I have only seen one picture of him. It is faded and worn and is of him in his military uniform from the war. Leaning up against a white picket fence, arms crossed, smiling. He looks young, mischievous, vibrant & charming. And of course, atop his head he wears his hat, cocked a little to the side, like they all did back then.

So last night, in my dreams, I was quite surprised to find myself sitting in a football arena, for some strange reason, all alone in the stands. I sat there alone for quite awhile until I felt a presence to my right. I looked over and saw a man walking toward me with his hand in his pocket, smiling gently. All I remember from then on in this dream is he walks slowly toward me, and takes a seat right next to me in the arena. I smile at him & he smiles back. "Good to meet you," I say, somehow completely aware he is my grandfather, although he is much older than the one picture I have seen. He smiles.

I woke up, and sat up in my bed, the dream feeling very real as only certain dreams usually do to me. I went back to sleep but I thought about him all day until I decided to call my mom and tell her about my dream. I told her exactly what I told you, except I noticed after I finished she had grown completely silent. "Mom, you there?," I asked. With a shaky voice, on the verge of tears, she uttered "He always had his hand in his pocket."

So, all afternoon now, I have felt his presence, but I don't know what it means. All this time, I have never dreamt of him. My mother rarely mentions him, and I have only seen one picture of him. Now, he decides to show up and I wonder what it means.

Regardless of what it means, I now feel better about things, just knowing he is around, apparently watching after me....And that feels great. So, thanks, grandpa for stopping in. It was nice to meet you.


Blogger BlueMoon said...

I am glad this has put you at ease and helped you gain some peace.


Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

thank your for those kind words

Blogger Gypsy said...

Hug sis, remember this is the time year when the veil is thin and is the best time for them to cross over and deliver there messages. I am glad you were able to be blessed by him.

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Thank you for your kind words too Gypsy :) Yes, the veil is thin & I am really glad he made himself known to me. :D

Anonymous Bryon said...

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