Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Farewell, Delhi Palace!

I can't believe it. Today, my husband and I went to have lunch at our "cultural refuge" here in town. It is THE ONLY Indian food restaurant & one of just a handfuls of cultural venues in this one-track town of big fancy chain restaurants, hamburgers & French fries as far as the eye can see.

On the drive, I dreamt (in the passenger's seat, mind you) of mango lassi, and debated between curry or masala of some sort. Just as my palette was beginning to water & anticipate the experience, I heard my husband gasp as he pulled into the parking space of the restaurant.

I looked up at the front door, and much to my dismay, I saw a "CLOSED" sign hanging from the door. In disbelief, we got out of the car & staggered like misled sheep up to the door. Our friend, the owner, walked out as he saw us. He was wearing a day-old beard that told of a heartbreaking decision, and a sloppy sweatshirt, completely out of character for him. His head in disappointment and his big brown eyes were full of disappointment. He shook his head & shrugged his shoulders as he informed us of his restaurant's failure.

"Not enough customers," he mumbled as if he had already had a few drinks at 12 pm. "I am out of business." He finished as he looked away from us, tears welling in his eyes. I felt my heart sink and I looked to my husband for strength but he was biting his lip, staring down at the crack in the cement.

We had gone at least once a week every week since they had opened to help support them. Their food was DELICIOUS & the restaurant, while quaint and quiet, was very clean & inviting. We always found it a refreshing reminder of the wonderful world outside of this extremely closed-minded town. We had noticed no growth in their clientele but also no slacking, and we had tried our best to spread the word of their magnificent service & menu around town. But, I guess, to people in oversized SUV's who, when the term "Indian Food" is mentioned spurt things like, "What? You mean Injuns?", well, what can you expect?

With a hug & handshake, we wished he & his family better ventures & thanked him for endless escapes he provided us from the "fried chicken & Mashed potatoes fantasies" of the masses here. So, since we were now limited on time, we went to.......Sonic....And ate a hamburger. Yes, they are tasty from time to time but I couldn't even finish it. I just felt so badly for our friend & his honest family, trying so hard to make things work in this foreign land of America.

So, to you, our friend, we will miss you. We wish you and your family the very best & we are sorry that so few people in this completely self-centered town took the time to stop stuffing their faces at the "China buffet" long enough to delve into some culture. Farewell, Delhi Palace.

In the meantime, I guess we will be buying an Indian Food cookbook & giving it a shot.


Blogger BlueMoon said...

Sorry to hear that happened to the owner of the place and that, once again, people of your new town have shown themselves to be very limited.

I can give you some Indian recipes if you like and you can check RecipeSource.com too - most of the food isn't difficult to make just takes a bit to correct the spicing to how your fave place did it.

Hope you two are having an excellent night!

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Yes, it is pretty unfortunate isn't it. We feel terrible for he & his family.

Well, lol, I went out and bought an Indian food cookbook & I am going to give it a shot at some point!!! So, thank you!!!!

We did have a great night, btw. I may have to blog about it..lol


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