Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ummmm, light on the ethnocentrism and fundamentalism, please…

I have been a few places in this world but that has been enough to realize that you don’t necessarily have to be a world traveler to open up your mind. It’s not difficult to open up and make an honest effort to at least respect different cultures, religions, or ideas in general. However, it seems there are a total of about 3 of us that feel that way in this place (a city of 185,000 in Texas, specifically in the Bible belt). Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating just a big, but I am not too far off on that one.

I guess I just don’t see how it is that difficult to understand that people are people and people are different. Perhaps this place is getting to me. It could be the plethora of rebel flags, spit-cups, dually trucks, and beer cans that litter the side of the “Don’t mess with Texas” highway. I feel like if I hear another racial slur or “git ‘er done”, I am going to vomit. Another lovely sight I see on a regular basis is a bumper sticker with the following statement: “A Closed Mind is a Wonderful Thing”. I see these regularly around here; enough said.

Or maybe it’s the overabundance of right-wing fundamentalist churches that incorporate politics into religion? That could be it too. After all, after a friend found out I did not vote for “W” in the last election, she was taken completely aback and could not even speak for a few moments on the phone with me (seriously). I am sure she has been praying for my soul ever since. She implied in the conversation following the awkward silence that I could not consider myself a Christian if I had voted for anyone but “W”. Hmmm...guess I missed that verse in the Bible somewhere. I’ll be sure to look that up right away. ZZZZzzzzzzz

So, I guess since there is no way I will be able to single-handedly (well, with the help of the other 3 progressive people in this town) change the attitudes of the masses. So, what is the solution, you may ask? Well, the world is changing, but it is going to take a LONG time to get these people up to speed with progressive thought. In the future, I may be seriously considering moving to a “blue” state, somewhere light on ethnocentrism & fundamentalism. Somewhere mullets are no longer a fashion accessory and somewhere that you are not behind the power curve if you have not had your third child by the age of 27 (yes, I have been told this).

I guess, in the meantime, I will just need to be prepared to handle these people around here and take them with a grain of salt.


Blogger JayMc said...

I couldn't agree with you more that people should respect other's religions, even Christianity.

Recently my family and I went to Vegas for a vacation. My brother's new daughter-in-law, whom I had never met wanted to know if she and her boyfriend could come down from California to join us. That was great since it was a family thing and we all wanted to meet her.

When it came time for dinner the first night, her younger sister came running to me and said, "When you offer a blessing for the meal, don't say "in the name of Jesus!""
It seems the daughter-in-law's boyfriend is Jewish. It is too bad that he couldn't be tolerant of our faith, especially since I was footing the bill for his vacation.

It seems that everyone calls for tolerance but when it comes to Christianity, there is no more room for it.

Jay Mc

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

jaymc, thanks for posting your comment. Sounds like you are a bit bitter about the daughter-in-law's boyfriend. Can't blame you too much. I am sure you would have been tolerant had he wanted to say a Jewish prayer. Good luck!!!!!

Anonymous Joel said...

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