Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Rocks

At the funeral for Bill today (see post "Farewell, dear Bill") I found some much needed inspiration and reassurance. As you can see, I can sometimes wander off into my own dark little mind, allowing myself to induldge in self-reflection and contemplation. Sometimes this is a good thing & other times it is not. Either way, Bill's funeral today helped me think simply again, even if for just a little while.

As I entered the doors of the outdated Southern Baptist church where the services were to be held, I noticed a table on which sat a bowl-full of polished rocks. There were purple ones, green ones, blue, brown, orange...just about every color you can imagine. In neatly printed handwriting just to the left of this bowl was a note. It read: "Bill asks that you each take one of his rocks & keep it with you as token to help you remember that when life gets rough and trying, just keep it simple & be grateful for the little things."

Tears filled my eyes, and I bit into my quivering lower lip, fighting that overwhelming urge to cry. I was somehow able to find the strength to repress it and I reached for the first rock that stood out at me. Light purple in color, it was flat and wide. I rubbed it a little with my thumb before putting it in my pocket just to cherish its smooth simplicity. Before I went in to the chapel and took my seat, I smiled and felt that warm presence of Bill as if someone put a warm blanket over my shoulders.

"Thank you," I whispered one last time, "I needed that."


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