Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Regrets of Normalcy


n 1: being within certain limits that define the range of normal functioning [syn:
normality] [ant: abnormality] 2: expectedness as a consequence of being usual or regular or common [syn: normality]
Curled up cozily on the comfy, kooshie couch, I was abruptly interrupted from my brief love affair with chips & salsa. I had to stop mid-crunch to experience probably the best commercial I have ever seen.

Soldiers & sailors flashed across the screen, lugging metal magazines and sweat-laden stares. Rappelling from blackhawks, landing silvery jets, they tugged & pulled at my mind. Just as I somewhat drifted into the back of my head, cluttered with memories I heard the words, "Just think. Somewhere, some poor guy is buying a mini-van." Images of a poorly-dressed, pasty, forty-something father-of-three were flashed before me and I realized just how dull my life had become.***

Somewhere along the lines it lost its...Luster. Somewhere between the days of driving a humvee and feeling the touch of cold metal against my fingers and...The insurance desk job. It happened & it happened suddenly but I have realized it gradually. I am actually grateful I, at least, realized it at all.

So what do I do now, you might ask? Get it back. Get it back, somehow. There are a lot of things in life that can get a person up and going in that aspect. There are extreme sports, boxing, racing, jumping from things....All of which seem to only be done by crazy people but effective, none-the-less.

Are they all just some legal form of a drug habit...Keeping that adrenaline flowing to mask our dull and monotonous lives? Because if our lives consisted of constantly defending our selves against starvation, attack or other crisis, then we would not have time to sit & think about missing out, would we? ah, Maslov's pyramid and the hierarchy of need.

***Yes, I know, marketing worked on me... Blah...


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