Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Positive thoughts "shout-outs"

To my dear friend Cheryl: Be strong, stand firm, and take a deep breath. All the answers will come out naturally. You are incredibly talented & more experienced than many & they would be stupid not to hire you! I feel confident in your abilities. You are a professional & you basically just rock anyway!!!Let me know how it goes!!!!

To my dear friend and sister Stacy: You will come out of this rut in which you are stuck, my friend. It will end. Before long, you will be back to writing better than ever before & making a HUGE difference in peoples' lives. You are so talented at that. I miss you dearly.

To my friend Jennifer's mother: I wish for balance, grounding, and peace in your mind & in your heart. Your daughter Jennifer loves you very much & is worried about your health. She wants nothing more in this world than for you to be more careful & take things more slowly. You can and will make it through this.

To my friend, sister, and more ;) Shea: The little black raincloud that has been following you and your family around for the past few has to pass over eventually. It cannot continue this forever. You will make it through this. It will happen. You guys will come out stronger than before.


Blogger BlueMoon said...

Thanks! I think it worked. =)
I will work on posting something real on my blog Friday - I just suck at composing sometimes.

*huge hug*

Blogger Chick With A Gun said...

Bluemoon, I am so glad it went well for you.

Have a great night,


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